Engineering at Zeus

Building technologies to modernize the $18B corporate housing industry.

Customer experiences drive our products

To keep both our residents and owners happy, we design and build thoughtful software that solves their problems and is easy to use.

We strive for operational efficiency

Managing thousands of properties across multiple cities is not easy and the number of properties will only grow. We build tools to support our daily business, sales, and operational needs.

Data makes us better

We leverage data science and machine learning to optimize our marketplace and customer experience while growing rapidly.

Our values define our work

Professional Growth
We are committed to moving you forward in your career, whether that is through exploring new technologies or developing leadership skills.

Product Ownership
All engineers are involved in ideation, design, QA, and deployment. Engineers make decisions about the products they are building.

Fast-paced Environment
Plan, execute, debrief, and repeat. This is our mantra. The faster we go through these cycles, the faster we learn and improve.

Work-Life Balance
We strive for efficiency, not hours. Enjoying a life outside of work gives you energy, creativity, and positivity to be your best in the office.

Open Communication
Share information. Share mistakes. Share victories. Transparency is one of our core values and appears at all levels of the company.

Growth Mindset
We encourage people to try new things and take initiative on their own. If it doesn’t work, that’s okay. At Zeus we optimize for learning.

What our engineers are saying

“The most successful engineers at Zeus look beyond just engineering problems. They look at the company as a whole and try to find either inefficiencies in processes or other ways a technical solution can help.”

Yohannes Kifle
Engineering Manager

“I love that I'm working with smart and focused people who bring good energy all the time.”

Amber Wang
Senior Data Scientist

“My favorite part about working at Zeus is the people. I love working with my coworkers. There’s a lot of humble people here who I can learn from, and I really like that aspect. I have fun with them.”

Nhi Dao
Senior Software Engineer

Technologies we love

Ruby on Rails

Engineering locations

We currently have engineering teams in San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, BC (Canada). A Seattle, WA team is in the works.

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