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A former vacation destination for wealthy San Franciscans, Alameda was once host to Neptune Beach, a major attraction similar to Coney Island in the early 1900s. Fun fact: The popsicle was invented in Alameda! Later, in the 1940s, a large portion of the island was taken up by Naval Air Station Alameda. The former station, which closed in 1997, is now home to a mashup of endeavors, such as a monthly antique fair and flea market, soccer fields, artisan distilleries and breweries, and transitional housing. Today, Alameda has shaken off much of its old-school military vibe. The island is a place for families who want to live in a small town that’s close to San Francisco, with bikeable streets, beaches, and a lively downtown shopping district. Searching for month to month housing in charming Alameda? Get ready to know your neighbors—just make sure you drive under the 25 mph speed limit! Only accessible by water, tube, or bridge, the island of Alameda has managed to keep a quiet existence. In the 20 years since the shuttering of the defining Alameda Naval Air Station, the area has retained its small-town mystique while hosting a community of longtime denizens and young families, all of whom have carefully watched from across the water as surrounding locales boomed. But now, Alameda's time warp elements—think vintage arcades and a World War II–era aircraft carrier museum—are being paired with more modern spots: a number of art galleries, craft breweries, and waterfront cafes dreamed up by islanders looking to help Alameda grow without selling the soul of the city. Ready to search for furnished housing in Alameda? Zeus Living is here to help. Dealing with the hassle of finding and procuring cozy, affordable, well-apportioned furnished apartments can be tricky if you’re not a local, especially in a tiny town like Alameda. For temporary residents who want access to Alameda’s restaurants, entertainment, and business from short-term apartments, furnished apartments, and month to month housing, Zeus is the solution they’ve been looking for. With beautiful furnished homes stocked with the essentials for daily living, including WiFi, comfy furniture, and homecare basics, Zeus has everything you need to settle into Alameda right away.

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