About Zeus

Campbell is a small Silicon Valley city known for its quaint downtown, which offers numerous restaurants, shops, and bars, the historic Campbell Water Tower, and the Pruneyard Shopping Center, a sprawling open-air retail complex which was involved in a famous U.S. Supreme Court case that established the extent of the right to free speech in California. For such a small place, it packs a punch.

Silicon Valley visitors come to Campbell for tech, business, and adventure, and many are searching for short-term apartments for stays of 30 days or longer. Planning a visit of your own? There's no need to crash-land in sterile, uncomfortable, or dull corporate housing. If you're on the hunt for furnished apartments and month to month apartments stocked with everything you need to make yourself home from the second you walk through the door, Zeus Living has your back.

Explore Campbell and the Bay Area beyond from a cozy furnished apartment that matches your budget and lifestyle while being easy on the eyes. Beautifully designed and smartly furnished, Zeus apartments are stocked with award-winning mattresses, bed linens, kitchenware, and cleaning supplies, your Zeus unit is your home base for long-term travels, whether you're an adventurer of one or a family. Offering eco- and pet-friendly studios and homes of any size, Zeus is redefining corporate housing to mean cozy, comfortable, and convenient. Visit zeusliving.com to find the Campbell haven that suits your lifestyle, budget, and long-term plans.

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