About Zeus

Best known for its role in the American Revolution, Lexington Massachusetts sits about thirty minutes northwest from Downtown Boston. Lexington is a popular home for commuters and families looking for friendly neighborhoods, good schools, and tons of green space. This community is known for being quiet, safe (one of the safest is the whole nation), and especially family-friendly. Soak up everything New England has to offer, take a hike through Willard's Words, or spend the evening at Cary Hall listening to the Lexington Symphony. If you are looking for affordable short-term housing for your family, Lexington has everything you need while still being close enough to Boston to work or take advantage of city life. Making life on your terms is where Zeus Living comes in.

With excellent public schools and tons of kid-friendly activities like the Wilson Farm or Lexington Green, visitors with families will find more than enough to do while settling in to their apartment, designed and furnished by Zeus. Explore New England from a cozy shot-term apartment or month to month apartment that matches your budget and lifestyle, while still being comfortable and welcoming. Beautifully designed and uniquely furnished, Zeus apartments are stocked with award-winning mattresses, clean bed linens, excellent kitchenware, and cleaning supplies. Your month to month apartment with Zeus will feel like a family home from the moment you walk in the door.

You know when traveling or moving with a family getting somewhere to stay can feel like a hassle. Skip the mess and book with Zeus Living to find the thoughtful corporate housing that's right for you and your family.

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