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Located on the San Francisco Peninsula, San Bruno may be famous for being the main headquarters of YouTube, but it offers a lot more than that. A rural town until World War II, today San Bruno is where travelers kickstart their journeys at San Francisco International Airport. Since then, the airport has become one of the busiest in the world, and San Bruno has grown into an international city right along with it. Whether you stick around San Bruno for the small-town vibes (it also hosts one of the few casinos in the Bay Area), or plan to commute into San Francisco proper, it's a great location for Bay Area visitors to get to know the beautiful Peninsula and beyond. Visiting the Bay Area for work or planning a relocation? Forget sterile corporate housing. Find a beautiful furnished apartment in San Bruno and beyond through Zeus Living and start your adventure right away. Once you've secured your fully-furnished month to month apartment, you can start living the laid-back Bay Area lifestyle. For exceptional corporate housing in the Bay Area, Zeus Living makes it easy to browse, book, and check-in. When you arrive at your furnished apartment, you'll find everything ready for you, from the WiFi, to homecare essentials, to soft bed linens. Drop your bags and you're ready to head back out the door, or kick back and relax on your award-winning mattress. With homes of all sizes for stays of a month or longer, Zeus isn't corporate housing—it's home wherever you, your family, your employees, or your team need to be, for as long as they need to be there. Browse zeusliving.com to find the furnished apartment in San Bruno that you need.

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